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  • 28 Nov 2018

    Take flight on an airborne adventure as you hover and soar above some of the most breathtaking sites in the Nation’s Capital.  HoverDC provides a top-down immersive experience, providing access to a unique perspective as passengers fly aboard a hover ship thru restricted airspace over our nation’s capital from one extraordinary landmark to the next.  Feel the wind in your face, engines revving, as we elevate you 10,000 feet above to experience DC from a vantage point never before seen.  Take flight with us today! 




    • Lancia Soans Thank You for posting this Olivia, this is fantastic! I have been to the Observation Deck in Dulles. The HoverDC is great, and I am excited to see it.
      5 years ago
  • 19 Nov 2018 by William Hinds


    WAF’s children’s tours of Washington’s neighborhoods focus on the history and architecture of parts of our community that are both familiar and surprising. Whether your family lives here or you have friends and family  coming for a visit, there’s plenty to discover in our own back yard. Our kids’ tours explain why buildings look the way they do and explore the stories of the people who shaped our city. The free tour kit can be downloaded or printed at home or at your local library or through the hotel concierge if you’re a visitor.
    The tour kits, currently available for four neighborhoods, include everything a parent, teacher, Scout troop leader or homeschooler would need to guide children through several blocks of buildings, learning about their history, with stimulating conversation starters and activities that build on the tour experience. The free tour materials are designed for the 8-12 age group, but the tours are fun and educational for people of all ages!

    Each tour kit includes...
    • History of neighborhood
    • A neighborhood map and guide, marked with the tour route
    • Instructions for using the tour booklet
    • Architectural vocabulary
    • Conversation starters
    • History, architecture and activities for each tour stop
    • A Children's Edition