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Since 1982, the Washington Area Concierge Association (WACA) has been bringing together professionals committed to providing superior service. WACA promotes high professional and ethical standards among its members, coordinates, promotes and assists the activities and interests of concierges and fosters friendship, communication and solidarity among concierges in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

Concierge Membership

  • Professional Networking with Concierge Colleagues:   Connect with concierges from around the Washington, D.C. metro area for an exchange of ideas, advice on challenging guest requests, mentoring, career opportunities, and plain old fun!  Share in the wealth of knowledge and experience of tenured Les Clefs d’Or concierge members.   Members enjoy special access to theater, cocktail parties, receptions and other unique events with local businesses, providing year-round opportunities to network.
  • Professional Development and Continuing Education:  Join us for educational seminars and familiarization tours, each offering opportunities to deepen your knowledge and skill as a concierge in this ever-changing field.   Increase your level of competence and professionalism while promoting the development of trade and tourism in our Nation’s Capitol.
  • Networking Opportunities with Local Affiliate Member and Vendors:  Learn about the newest offerings in Washington, D.C. and the surrounding area from our Affiliate Members, who make brief presentations at each meeting to familiarize the concierges with their services.  Make in person contact with those providers whom you may have only spoken with on the phone or via email.
  • Philanthropy and Service:  Participate in service to local organizations through various volunteer opportunities. Enjoy the satisfaction of annual fundraising for the charitable mission of WACA, which provides scholarships to students in hospitality through its John B. Campbell Scholarship, donations to the Les Clefs d’Or Foundation and a different local community charity each year.


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Affiliate Membership

  • Professional Networking with Concierge Members:   Connect with the concierge community who are your direct partners in providing services to their guests and hotels.  Deepen your understanding of the needs of the concierge community as they directly affect the end-user of your services through the exchange of ideas often generated by speaking in person to concierges.  Enjoy the many opportunities to socialize with some of the most fun professionals in the hospitality world!
  • Expand Your Business:  Familiarize the concierge community with your services. Through direct, personal contact with concierge members you have the opportunity to develop business and social friendships that can solidify your presence in the community.  Affiliate members are offered the opportunity to promote and advertise their business through short presentations (known as SPAMS) as part of the meetings.  Foster and develop productive working relationships with concierges.  Meet other business affiliates offering services to the community.
  • Philanthropy and Service:  Participate in the community service projects throughout the year, such as voluntary work projects at Martha’s Table. Donate goods and services used in the annual fundraising Gala which benefit a different local charity each year, the John B. Campbell Scholarship given to a student in hospitality studies and the Les Clefs d’Or Foundation, which provides financial grants to concierges and their immediate family members no longer able to work due to life-threatening illness.




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