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About Mayflower Club & Zebbie's garden

Mayflower Club and Zebbie's Garden a multi-level restaurant, bar and lounge.

Chef Alex Oradei's Mediterranean heritage is showcased in the 'nouveau' style menu that highlights fresh local produce in its simplicity combined with distinct flavors and ingredients.Dishes are created to be shared and are complimented by carefully selected wines and hand crafted cocktails that tie to the 1930's prohibition era of the building itself.

Commitment to the genuine and approachable service extends the fun Mediterranean life-style and offerings through the late night lounge programming with music and a variety of occasions celebrate private events.

Zebbie's brings the outdoors inside with dangling pink cherry blossoms, colorful neon lights shaped as rose buds, a faux grass floor, bucket swings, and seats that resemble hand sculptures. A picture perfect paradise located right in the heart of the nations capital!

Primary Company Location
1223 Connecticut Ave NW
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Company Contact

Gina Dakouni