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The WACA Memorial Scholarship (originally the John B. Campbell Scholarship) was established by the Washington Area Concierge Association (WACA) as a long-term commitment to the hospitality and tourism industry to support the development of skilled professionals. In 2019 the scholarship was renamed to honor several members for their contributions to the concierge profession. The current scholarship honors John B. Campbell, Luis Colmenares, Julie Saunders, and Cynthia Van Zandt.

Financial support is provided for enrollment in an accredited undergraduate academic program leading to a career in hospitality.

Scholarship offerings: The maximum amount of scholarship funding available is $3,000 from an established endowment.

Academic Scholarships: Only one scholarship is awarded to any one student per academic year, as follows:
• Full-time student at a four-year institution, $3,000
• Part-time student at a four-year institution, $1,500
• Full or part-time student at a two-year institution, $750

Full time is defined as enrollment of 12 or more hours for both the Fall and Spring semesters.

Eligibility: To be eligible, applicants must be enrolled or be planning to enroll in a U.S. undergraduate
hospitality and tourism program.

Funded: $600.00
Goal: $10,000.00